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Dark clouds shade the sky above a slum area inside the southern district of Atlas Park. Drakzero is on a routine mission to investigate a known criminal establishment. Being a member of the local security forces, he is not liked by everyone - especially not by the criminal underworld. The district has become home for the frustrated souls who seeked asylum since the migou invasion. While passing through the filthy streets, the members of Drakzero in distinctive uniforms can see the hidden hatred against superiority and society in the eyes of the rejected citizens. Atlas Park is a political powder keg, about to explode at the slightest indication of police injustice. Soon The City of Atlas Park is attacked by Villians known as the Shadows, Drakzero leaves on a Journey to find away to stop them, He finds new found power, and Decides to Join The Blood Wings to fight the Villians.
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GoodBye BloodWingz!!
Unsuit and Land!!!
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Krysez, Sep 17, 10 8:56 AM.
We are switching servers and SGs!

Because of low activity and many event no-shows. We are disbanding BW. We have tried numerous ways to keep members interested but not many here want more than lvling partners.
So, we are taking the most active of us over to Guardian server where we have started a new SG called "The Web" Not everyone is invited so if you know you haven't been active or have barely come to this site, you might be better off staying here.

For those who know you belong in "The Web" please send a Tell. We will be waiting for you.

So until then.....

Unsuit and land.

PeaceKeeper Specs

Krysez, Sep 5, 10 3:19 PM.
For those having trouble with the PK Costume download link please go to the forum. Go to JobBoard and than PeaceKeeper Costume Specs Post. Thank You

New BloodWingz website created

Krysez, Aug 30, 10 10:03 AM.
Today, August 30, 2010, a new BloodWingz website was created! It has many features over the last site and will help keep BloodWingz connected even when not in-game. Thank you for registering and see you soon! Suit up and Soar!!!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Krysez, Aug 30, 10 9:20 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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